We Have A New Look!

Since beginning of year 2012 I have been working to rewrite the International Mahjong® Infoweb website. The new site will run on the WordPress platform; and it will include a blog section as well.

Due to certain limitations with the WordPress system, it would be too time consuming for me to transfer all pages from the old site to the new site. Basically what I have done are as follows:

  1. All pages of the Archives section will remain on the old site. They can be accessed via the link "Archives" on the menu bar at the top of this page.
  2. The IMJ Learning Centre section will remain on the old site, with pages of the section being duplicated to the new site. To access the IMJ Learning Centre please click on the corresponding link above.
  3. All other pages have either been removed, or modified and re-posted to the new site. Please follow the links below for access to the new site:
    • Homepage of the new site (including contact information): Link
    • Blog (a new section to the site): Link

Please bear with me if you see "under construction" signs here and there - you are still absolutely safe to browse around, though. ^_^

Cofa Tsui
Owner and web host
(Modified 2012-04-04)