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World Unified Mahjong Terminology ("WUMT")
by Cofa Tsui (May 2006)

This document is initiated with a goal of establishing a world unified set of terminology for the games of mahjong, and is published and maintained via the Mahjong Newsgroup ( as a general reference for the public, and may be cited the "World Unified Mahjong Terminology", or "WUMT" (世界统一麻将术语 "shijie tongyi majiang shuyu"). Discussions, suggestions and recommendations are welcome and the document may then be updated accordingly.

Open or download document in PDF:

World Unified Mahjong Terminology (current version)

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Supporters Name List: Individuals or organizations acknowledging or adopting the WUMT may submit their contact information which may then be included in a Supporters Name List when it is established:

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