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Mahjong Currency and Mahjong Dollar
by Cofa Tsui (Dec 23, 2007)

News release - Dec 23, 2007, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Almost all mahjong rule sets define the ultimate scores of a winning hand in the form of points; and whenever such scores are to be paid out the points are converted into cash value, regardless how large or small the amount.

In order to add to the games of mahjong extra fun and excitement that may closely associated to the real world, Cofa Tsui is delighted to announce the concept of advancing the scores and rewards associated to mahjong games to a new level of value, which involves the creation of a new term called MAHJONG CURRENCY. Mahjong currency has the functions equivalent to those of the monetary instruments in real world; it is designed to replace the term POINT to represent the value of scores and rewards in mahjong games.

The following paragraphs will outline the concept in more details.

1. Name of Currency: The name of the mahjong currency shall be called MAHJONG DOLLAR. The corresponding name in Chinese shall be 麻将元 (in pinyin: ma jiang yuan). The currency code for mahjong dollar shall be MJD. In general, mahjong dollar (currency) shall be used to represent the value of scores of winning hands in mahjong games as well as rewards in connection to events and tournaments. [1]

2. Unit of Currency: The unit of the currency shall be MAHJONG DOLLAR, or in the short form MADO. The names in plural forms are mahjong dollars and mados, respectively. The corresponding name in Chinese shall be 马吊 (in pinyin: ma diao). Use of the short form mado at all times is recommended. [Pronunciation of MADO: MA sounds like "ma" in the word mahjong. DO sounds link "do" in the word commando.]

3. Where appropriate mahjong currency can be converted between currencies or other values of the real world at rates that are prescribed in and for any specific event.

Although created primarily for the improvements of the game International Mahjong and the rule set International Mahjong Rules in mind, the concepts and purposes related to mahjong currency, the terms MAHJONG DOLLAR, MJD and MADO, are also introduced to the world as part of the World Unified Mahjong Terminology, therefore they are intended for use by the general public and the use is unrestricted. [2]

About International Mahjong and Cofa Tsui:
International Mahjong is a mahjong game developed based on the game play of Guangdong Mahjong and Hong Kong Old Style, with new patterns added in recent years. International Mahjong Rules is a standardized set of rules governing the game play. The standards associated to the rules and to the game are currently managed and maintained by Mr Cofa Tsui, the owner of relative registered trademarks associated to the game International Mahjong and the writer of the rule set International Mahjong Rules. Mr Tsui is resident of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. [3]

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Copyright 2007 Cofa Tsui. All rights reserved. Feel free to quote and use in other communications with proper credit.

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