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History of MAHJONG
Maintained by Cofa Tsui

The original Topic 205 has been moved - Click here to view its original contents - "Topic 205 (Original)". Effective January 2007, the current page (quoted as Topic 205) is designated as the front page of the topic "History of MAHJONG" and will contain updates related to the topic when available to the writer from time to time. The "Index" box below provides links to various articles and newsgroup archives in chronological order. [Feedback or comments welcome!]
Index - Links to various articles

• 2010-11-26. Topic 205n. "End of Debate Message" (2009-01-08))

• 2007-02-12. Topic 205d(3). Newsgroup archives ("Evolution of Various Forms of Mahjong (1890-2001)")

• 2007-01-05. Topic 205d(2). Newsgroup archives ("Analysis of rules - A game of the year 1903 (Part 2)")

• 2006-12-08. Topic 205d. Newsgroup archives ("Analysis of rules - A game of the year 1903")

• 2006-11-30. Topic 205k. Newsgroup archives ('Earliest Chinese reference to "ma que"')

• 2006-11-15. Topic 205j. Newsgroup archives ("A Millington critique(fairly long)")

• 2006-10-26. Topic 205i. Newsgroup archives ("Millington's 3 types of kong")

• 2004-10-08. Topic 205h. Newsgroup archives ('Notes on Tam Wing Kwong, "The Game of Sparrow as played in China"')

• 2004-08. Topic 205b. "Definition of mahjong"

• 2004-01-28. Topic 205a. "History of MAHJONG - The January 2004 Follow-up" (including newsgroup archives from 2004-01-06)

• 2002-04-07. Topic 205 (Original). Cofa's web page of the topic "History of MAHJONG - HKOS and Chinese Classical"

• 2001-11-06. Topic 205g. Newsgroup archives ("The Ongoing Debate (long)")

• 2001-10-02. Topic 205f. Newsgroup archives ("Nine tiles warning")

• 2000-12-19. Topic 205e. Newsgroup archives ("History (was: Great Mah Jongg Sets And Acesories)")

• 2000-12-08. Topic 205c. Newsgroup archives ("Why does kong have precedence over chow")

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