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IMJ Site Articles:

Category Topic
Info CMCR: Article 10 Principles vs. Exclusionary Rule [208]
Info CMCR: Quick review of the "Chinese Mahjong Contest Rules" [204]
Info History of MAHJONG [205]
Info Ideal scoring chart with high fan values, the [211]
Info Mahjong Currency and Mahjong Dollar [210]
Info Terms And Phrases Used In International Mahjong [201]
Info World population of mahjong players [206]
info World Unified Mahjong Terminology ("WUMT") [209]


Mahjong Newsgroup Postings:

Category Topic
Info Creation of the newsgroup [001]
Info Mahjong club - Lifetime Ranking Measure [003]
Info Mahjong club - Suggestions on starting one [002]
Info Mahjong types - Alternative opinions to the Mah-Jongg FAQs [021]
Info World Unified Mahjong - A discussion about [015]
Rules Bao Question - Should indirect pai be responsible for a win? [024]
Rules Bao Question - Two are subject to the penalties, who shall actually bao? [022]
Rules Kong Question - Automatic win, robbing the kong, and Flower replacement [023]
Rules Kong Question - Last tile - Can One Kong It? [005]
Rules Kong Question - When Can I Kong? [007]
Rules Last Pai - Various questions about last pai [025]


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